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Fancy An iPad? Enter This!

Postiwyd gan National Editor o Cenedlaethol - Cyhoeddwyd ar 23/09/2010 am 15:19
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  • Keith Towler

Yn Gymraeg

Want to win yourself an early Chrimbo present in the shape of a shiny new iPad?

Well, you may have heard of a competition CLIC is running with the Welsh Assembly Government, called U-News.

To give as many young people across Wales a chance of winning as possible, we have now extended the date for entries to Friday 15 October 2010.

The competition is being held for two age groups, 7 to 10 and 11 to 25.

What do I have to do?

One of the aims of the United Nations Convention On The Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is to make sure newspapers, TV and radio show the good things that children and young people do, and represent you fairly.

U-News is a competition for individuals and groups that allows you to become a journalist and report on things to do with children, teenagers or young adults in your school or area.

Individuals and groups could send us:

  • A press release about an event or activity in your area
  • A headlined news report on local activities as it might appear in a newspaper
  • A feature article of up to 400 words
  • A captioned news photo
  • A cartoon
  • A sports report
  • A music or arts review
  • A letter to the editor raising an issue about children and young people
  • An audio or video interview or report for the web

As well as the opportunity to win an iPad, there are also U-News media packs up for grabs containing a Flip video camera, radio journalist’s recorder and microphone, reporter’s notebook and an easy guide to reporting the news.

Ready to report? 

U-News competition for ages 7-10
U-News competition rules for ages 7-10

U-News competition for ages 11-25
U-News competition rules for ages 11-25


UNCRC - Let's Get It Right!

CLIC Style Guide (Reporting Tips)

Young Journos Need Apply

Image: Children's Commissioner For Wales, Keith Towler, at the launch of the U-News competition.

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Rhoddwyd sylw 68 mis yn ôl - 3rd October 2010 - 19:14pm

i've drawn a cartoon for you guys, but the form isn't printing off the computer... any suggestions :) thanks!

National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 68 mis yn ôl - 4th October 2010 - 11:24am

Hi FairyG00,

We can post you a form out if you like?

Can you email your postal address to please?

We look forward to seeing the cartoon! :0)



Rhoddwyd sylw 67 mis yn ôl - 8th October 2010 - 12:41pm

haven't received a form yet, have you sent it?

National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 67 mis yn ôl - 11th October 2010 - 12:15pm

Should have reached you by now - has it yet?

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