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Profile: Loud & Proud

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Loud And Proud - Cardiff’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Youth Provision

Who are we?
Loud and proud is Cardiff’s provision for young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and those who might be questioning their sexuality or gender identity. The project was set up after Cardiff Youth Service took a consultation to find out if LGBT young people wanted a safe space to meet up with other like minded young people.

What do we offer and who is it for?

The provision offers information and advice on a range of issues from bullying, ‘coming out’, drug and alcohol use, homelessness and safer sex advice. The provision also offers support to LGBT young people on a one-to-one basis.

The provision runs two groups for young people with the groups being split into age groups, 14 & 15 and 16-25. The provision is an inclusive project and if a friend who identifies as heterosexual, they are more than welcome to attend at support them.

Where are we?

After the consultation with young people, it was identified that a central location is more appropriate as it is easier to access a central location than in the suburbs. Due to the lack of this particular service in the South East Wales region this provision also accepts young people from this area (Bridgend to Monmouthshire and throughout the valleys). 

The location of the provision is kept to a need to know basis as it has been advised by Stonewall Cymru that we do this to ensure the safety and security of the young people accessing the provision. If a young person wants to attend a session it is advised that they either email, call or texts the provision on the number or email address which is advertised on the poster and on the Sprout website in the organisation directory. Search under Loud and Proud.

Activities and Workshops

The type of activities that we offer to young people who attend the provision vary depending on current needs of the group and current ongoing external factors such as equality issues, discrimination, etc. The provision runs a workshop once per month with the topic varying on current needs i.e. safer sex practices, drug and alcohol use, healthy eating etc. 

There are also opportunities for external agencies to visit the young people and offer an information session, some of these will or have been, the police, Inroads, Stonewall Cymru, Cardiff’s detached street-based team.

Interested please contact us via the details below
Mobile number: 07816 929 726

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