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Children’s Commissioner for Wales

Posted by Kathryn ProMo from Cardiff - Published on 25/02/2010 at 13:27
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  • Childrens Commissioner for Wales

Yn Gymraeg

Keith Towler is the Children’s Commissioner for Wales. His job is to speak out and stand up for children and young people. He has a team of people who work with him to make sure that children and young people are kept safe and that they know about and can access their rights. 

Advice & Support

The Advice and Support service is for children and young people, and the people who care about them, to have someone to turn to when they run out of all other options when dealing with a problem.

The Investigations and Advice Officers take calls, text messages and read emails and letters from children, young people and adults, who have been trying to solve a problem and feel like they aren’t getting anywhere. Our officers are not counsellors but they work with children, young people and adults who are involved to help them find a solution. If we can't help then we will try to identify an organisation that can.

If you need to talk to someone from the Commissioner's office, contact details can be found here.


Keith Towler, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, wants to know what matters to children and young people in Wales. He wants to know what you think so he can use your ideas in reports and other parts of his work. He’ll also make sure that people who make decisions know how you feel.

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