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How To Sleeveface: A Competition

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 10/09/2010 at 10:00
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I like it when two entirely different entities are enmeshed together to create something completely new. This is probably why I find the concept of putting together a record sleeve and a human face particularly ingenious.

The phenomenon, simply but effectively, called ‘Sleeveface’ is described as ‘one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion.’ Pictures definitely speak louder than words in this case so check out the hilarious video ‘How to Sleeveface’ to the right and everything will become clear to you.

The Sleeveface trend actually began in Cardiff with a Paul McCartney record and a DJ called Carl Morris. He played the record and began to mess around with the cover, hiding his face in the process. The incongruity of his action made people laugh, so much so that his friend John Rostron started bringing in random record sleeves while Morris was DJ-ing, while taking pictures of the results. Three years later and Sleeveface is now less of a phenomenon and more of an international community with a website that actively encourages contributions. There's also been a book (compiled by Morris and Rostron), Sleeveface parties, and now there's a Sleeveface workshop coming back to where it all started.

This is where you, theSprout reader comes in. We’re setting up our own Sleeveface competition, judged by The Celtic Learners Network. We want you to create your own Sleevefaces. Props and outfits are actively encouraged, the more experimental the better. The prize is a Sleeveface workshop by The Celtic Learners Network at the Cardiff Arts Institute, which will be occurring on Saturday 16th October from 10:30am 12:30pm. Remember, the quality of the picture doesn’t matter at all so use any old camera to take it (even your mobile camera).

The competition closes Thursday 30th September, giving you a month to send us your entries (multiple entries are allowed). To enter, e-mail your sleeveface entries to info@thesprout.co.uk. Grab your mates and organise your own Sleeveface party. You're going to be judged on how much you make us laugh so you might as well make yourselves laugh in the process!

Image: itzpapalotl

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